MoSTEMWINs will train Missourians for jobs in transportation, manufacturing, information technology, health services/health sciences, and science support.

The consortium of colleges chose to focus on STEM jobs because of those jobs’ importance to the state’s strategic plan for economic growth and positive long-term employment prospects.

The grant is part of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant Program that brings the state’s public two-year institutions together with the State Technical College of Missouri to improve the way they educate adult learners – especially those who have lost jobs because of the impact of foreign trade and other negative economic trends.

The Missouri Community College Association acts as program coordinator for MoStemWINS.

MoSTEMWINs contains training programs in five career pathways:

Information TechnologyHealth SciencesTransportationManufacturingLife Sciences
Information Technology

The Information Technology career pathway comprises five occupations: Computer/network support techs and administrators, project managers, database administrators, cyber security, health information technology. Employees in these occupations employ technology, problem-solving, writing, math, and communication skills; systems thinking and troubleshooting skills.

Health Sciences
The Health Sciences career pathway comprises five occupations: nursing, health information management, technicians, pharmacy technicians and dental hygienists. Employees in these occupations utilize writing/reading, math, technology, problem-solving, and communication skills; equipment operation and control; safety and regulations.
The Transportation career pathway comprises two occupations: drivers and operators. Employees in these occupations utilize computer and other technology, reading, problem-solving and communication skills; safety and regulations.
The Production career pathway comprises four occupations: production, robotics, mechatronic, industrial engineering, or electrical techs; repairers of industrial machines, motors and tools; quality control; power plant operators. Employees in these occupations utilize mechanical, computer, problem-solving, math, writing, communication skills; safety, assembly and quality assurance abilities; electrical and electronic controls; robotics; blueprint and schematic reading.
Life Sciences
The Life Sciences career pathway includes biological and chemical techs, forensic science techs, environmental, life or physical science techs. Employees in this occupation utilize computer, writing, math, chemistry, problem-solving, communication skills; safety and regulations. 

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