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MCCA - 2014 Convention Day 2

It takes amazing people to do the work that our colleges are doing across the state of Missouri. Every year at convention, we honor excellence among community college staff, students and supporters. If you know someone who deserves to be recognized, submit their information for one of the awards below.


Award of Distinction

The Award of Distinction is presented annually to individuals who have demonstrated sustained service and commitment to their local community college.  It is one of the highest honors the Association’s membership bestows.

Criteria for selection include:

  • Significant financial contribution to a college, or leadership in acquiring such gifts; or
  • Significant contribution of time or resources that advances the role and mission of community colleges throughout the state

Administrative/Professional Leadership Award

MCCA’s Administrative/Professional Leadership Award is presented annually to a member of the Association’s Administrative/Professional Department who has demonstrated exemplary leadership practices within their college and throughout the community.  Recipients exceed expectations for campus involvement and for advancing the mission of community colleges throughout the state.  They also have exemplary records of service in professional and civic organizations.  Current members of MCCA’s Board of Directors may not be nominated for this award.

Distinguished Alumni Award

MCCA’s Distinguished Alumni Award is presented annually to exceptional individuals who have attended a Missouri community college.  It is one of the most prestigious awards presented by the membership of the Association.  Although it is not required that the recipient be a graduate of a community college, preference is given to those who have earned a certificate or completed a degree program.

Primary criteria for selection:

  • Outstanding professional accomplishments
  • Outstanding contributions to his/her community

Supporting criteria:

  • Number of years of professional excellence and community service
  • Magnitude of accomplishments and service

Distinguished Business/Industry Award

MCCA’s Distinguished Business/Industry Award is presented annually to individuals and/or businesses that have engaged in significant partnerships with their local community college to stimulate economic activity and support community college students and programs.  It is one of the most prestigious honors the Association presents.

Classified Staff Achievement Award

MCCA’s Classified Staff Achievement Award is presented annually to a member of the Association’s Classified Staff Department who has had a positive impact on their college and the Classified Staff Department.

Criteria for selection include:

  • MCCA membership for at least 3 years
  • Current membership in the Classified Staff Department
  • Service to college above and beyond assigned job duties
  • Service to MCCA

Current Classified Staff Department officers may not be nominated for this award.

Global Educator Award

MCCA’s Global Educator Award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding accomplishments and contributions in the promotion of global education.  Recipients’ work aligns with the Missouri Consortium for Global Education’s (MCGE) objectives, which include:

  1. To facilitate the globalization of community college curricula;
  2. To assist community colleges in promoting economic development by providing the marketing and technical skills students need to function in a global economy;
  3. To promote the sharing of resources;
  4. To provide appropriate, accessible, affordable study abroad opportunities;
  5. To facilitate international and domestic college-to-college affiliations that provide appropriate global education experiences for staff, students, and the community;
  6. To offer global education staff development opportunities;
  7. To assist individual staff and students in attaining their personal goals in global experience;
  8. To provide statewide representation and leadership in selected organizations promoting proper participation of community colleges in international education; and
  9. To assist in the hosting of international visitors.

Criteria for selection include:

  • The individual’s work must advance the MCGE objectives listed above
  • The individual must be an MCCA member
  • The individual must be actively involved in global education activities on his/her college campus and/or at the state, national, or international level

Mel Aytes Faculty Innovation Award

MCCA’s Mel Aytes Faculty Innovation Award is presented annually in recognition of an innovative project by a faculty member of group of faculty members at a community college.  Examples of innovative projects include classroom activities and professional development programs.

Criteria for selection include:

  • The project is truly innovative
  • The project/innovation improves the quality of a particular course or instructional program, resulting in better outcomes than did teaching the same or similar material with an old method
  • The project/innovation can be replicated in other disciplines and/or at other institutions

The individuals recognized in connection with this award will be invited to make a presentation at MCCA’s annual conference during a workshop or breakout session.

MoWINs Partnership Award

Presented to a team, which may include a college, workforce investment board, employer(s), and/or other grant partner(s), that have developed an exemplary relationship that capitalizes on each partner organization’s expertise/resources toward implementation of an effective, customer-friendly program with recognizable benefits for MoHealthWINs participants.

News Media Award

MCCA’s News Media Award is presented annually to members of the media whose work promotes understanding and appreciation of community colleges’ mission, students, faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as the unique challenges and opportunities facing community colleges.   Nomination statements should provide specific details supporting the nomination, including:

  • Information about the working relationship between the member of the media the college
  • Examples (including web links and/or scanned articles) illustrating the member of the media’s work that promotes public understanding of the mission, finance, governance, instruction, athletics programs, and community service role of community colleges

Nominators should focus on work done in the last 1-2 years, although excellence demonstrated over a longer period will also be considered.

Senior Service Award

MCCA’s Senior Service Award is presented annually to a long-serving employee from each of Missouri’s community colleges/campuses.  Recipients are recommended for the award by their campus president/chancellor.  To receive this award, the employee must have worked at a community college for 20 years or more.

Student Leadership Award

MCCA’s Student Leadership Award is presented annually to an exceptional student leader from each of Missouri’s community colleges/campuses.  Students are recommended for the award by their college/campus president/chancellor and chief student affairs officer.

Criteria for selection include:

  • The student must be enrolled in good standing at a Missouri community college
  • The student must have a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • The student must have exhibited outstanding leadership qualities through contributions to the college during the previous academic year

Technology Innovation Award

MCCA’s Technology Innovation Award is presented annually to recognize and encourage creative and effective use of technology at Missouri’s community colleges.


  • Websites
  • Automated call centers
  • Content management systems implementation
  • Email applications
  • Videoconferencing, including applications for distance education, governance, and/or operations
  • Office automation systems, including document production
  • Group automation systems, including document production
  • Instructional technology
  • Student assistance programs

Trustee Leadership Award

MCCA’s Trustee Leadership Award is presented annually to a community college trustee whose work and leadership has substantially advanced the mission of community colleges.

Factors that will be considered in selecting award recipients:

  • Service as an officer on the college’s board of trustees
  • Participation in activities such as civic organizations, public office, etc.
  • Service on MCCA’s Board of Directors
  • Demonstrated leadership in helping address the challenges facing community colleges