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MCCA is where Missouri’s 12 community colleges come together to share ideas and advance common goals. MCCA gives you:

A voice in the state Capitol
From college funding to the maintenance of your retirement system, MCCA has your back in the Capitol.

A source for news and trends
When something big is happening in the state that could affect your college, we make sure you’re in the loop.

A place to gain new skills
We’re expanding our professional development opportunities to make our programming more relevant and accessible.

A connection to peers across the state
Through MCCA, you can connect and share ideas with your peers across the state.

How to join
Membership at every college is a little bit different, but we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible!

Join/Renew Your Membership

Membership Fees
Individual member. Current community college trustees, classified staff members, administrators, and faculty. $30
Retired member. Individuals who have retired from a Missouri community college. $15
Student member. Current community college students. $15
Life member. Any person eligible to be an MCCA member can become a life member. Life members do not pay dues after the initial payment. $300
Life retired member. Anyone who has retired from a Missouri community college can become a life retired member. Life retired members do not pay dues after the initial payment. $150
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