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2017 Legislative Agenda

We respectfully ask the Governor and the General Assembly to enact these important priorities:

Critical Priorities

1. Equity Funding
Ensure equity by recognizing that there is a funding gap in higher education between Missouri’s 2-year and 4-year sectors.

2. Performance Funding
Provide adequate funding to support all public colleges and universities.

3. A+ Scholarship Program
Keep Missouri’s A+ promise by fully-funding the A+ Scholarship Program for all eligible students that have earned it.

4. Workforce Development
Help Missouri compete for job creation projects by supporting workforce training.

Protect the retirement our educators have earned and help us attract new talent by maintaining the integrity of the PSRS/PEERS system.

Advocacy Tool Kit

We’ve put together a few documents to help you learn more about why an investment in Missouri’s community colleges is an investment in the state’s workforce.

2017 State Legislative Agenda

2017 Legislative Agenda Fact Sheets

2017 Missouri Community College Fast Facts

2017 Missouri Community College Overview

For files formatted for use by your college’s print shop, contact Maggie Kost, Communications Manager.