State budget passes out of committee

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The state budget was voted out of committee this week and has been placed on the calendar for debate by the entire House. We expect the floor deliberations and vote next week.

The version of the budget passed by the House Budget Committee contains some good news for community colleges.  It includes a 6.58% cut to community colleges, which is an improvement from the initial proposal to cut our sector by more than 9%.

The reduction in cuts was proposed shortly before the legislature went on break, and equates to $4.349 million.  Customized training workforce funds ultimately did not change from the Governor’s initial recommendation, which cut $1 million from the program.

While the budgeting process is nearing an end in the House, the MCCA legislative team is preparing for the second half in the Senate.  We expect the Senate Appropriations Committee to begin its hearing process sometime around the week of April 10.