Community colleges gain ground on FY18 budget

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Earlier this week, the House Budget Committee introduced changes to the state budget that would add $4.349 million back into core funding for community colleges.  This is applied to the original cut of more than $14 million.

This still means Missouri’s community colleges will face core funding cuts to the tune of 6.58%, but that’s down from a proposed 9.053% cut in earlier drafts of the state budget.  All higher education institutions, other than the University of Missouri System, benefitted from this improvement to a 6.58% reduction.

The House also added $1 million back to the Customized Training program that was cut in the Governor’s original proposal. This change will keep funding for the program at the same level as last year.

Next week is the legislative spring break, which signals the halfway point in the legislative session. Once the legislature returns, the Budget Committee will begin their mark-up process, which allows the Budget Committee members to offer amendments to any line item within the proposed FY18 budget.

While we are pleased with the budget progress this week and appreciative of the additional support, it is far from over and we still have a lot of ground to cover.