September has been a busy month for the Scorecard project.   Several pieces of the project have been moving along, with different contractors and state IT groups assigned to different parts of the project.  Significant progress has been made, and these individual components are now coming together.

  • EMSAS has been modified to allow the upload of the Noncredit Supplemental Data File, and DHE is currently testing the system by using the test data sent from the schools. In order to fully test and work through any issues prior to the first uploads in October, DHE really needs additional data using the Noncredit File format.  If your school can assist, please contact Jeremy at DHE ASAP for instructions on transferring data.
  • ETPS enhancements are nearly complete. In addition to converting the system to SQL format, additional fields to support the Scorecard have been programmed and will be rolled out in the very near future.  Examples of modifications include the ability to enter stackable programs and the yes/no button for schools to choose whether the program should be vetted for WIOA funding.
  • MOLogin has been programmed to allow schools to log in to the Reporting page and have access to information for their programs.
  • The Data Warehouse has undergone extensive modifications to support the new Scorecard data elements and to populate the web pages.

Any project of this scope will experience a few hiccups, and Scorecard is no exception.  Extensive discussions and analysis had to be completed to determine the complex calculations for the performance and WIOA outcomes pages.  In addition, the data warehouse enhancements have taken a good deal of time.  We are seeing great progress on the pages and warehouse, but the project is a couple of weeks behind the original schedule.   The anticipated completion of Phase 2 is now mid-October.

At the end of Phase 2, we will have a functioning beta version of the Scorecard.  Users of the site will have the ability to search programs currently approved through ETPS and DHE; compare programs and cost; and see results of some programs when data is available.  In addition, schools will be able to log into the Reports page and query information on their school’s programs.

The plan for Phase 2 was to build the web pages and data warehouse structure to support the Scorecard.  While we test and begin using the beta version of the system, we will think of additional features and functionality that will make the experience better for the different user groups.  Phase 3 is planned for 2017 (Grant Year 3).  During Phase 3 we plan to make several enhancements, including adding the ability to research career options as well as modifications based on everyone’s feedback.

The next Data Advisory Task Force Meeting is scheduled for November 2 in Branson in conjunction with the MCCA Annual Convention.  Since many of you will be attending the conference, it is a great opportunity to get together and see the beta version of the Scorecard and other progress on the project.

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