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Moberly’s MoSTEMWINs program goes mobile

Moberly's MoSTEMWINs program goes mobile Moberly Area Community College’s new mobile lab will increase accessibility to the college’s mechatronics program while saving money on costly equipment. While industries in the communities of four of the other MACC sites have expressed interest in technicians trained in the mechatronics program, the communities are too small to support a full program. With the new mobile lab, MACC will be able to meet these needs without purchasing expensive equipment for each site. Students from these communities would have ... Read more

MoSTEMWINs launches third and final data project

MoSTEMWINs launches third and final data project MoSTEMWINs awarded the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) the contract to develop Missouri’s first-ever credit for prior learning course crosswalk to national standards. The crosswalk will be used to chart college-level learning or training that takes place outside the traditional classroom and identify approved course equivalents. Crosswalks typically use industry and national standards to determine if credit should be awarded. Similar credit for prior learning initiatives have proven to increase retention and completion and accelerate ... Read more

Jefferson College uses open source software to beef up student advising

Jefferson College PREP Information from Jefferson College on Vimeo. Last fall, Jefferson College implemented an integrated planning and advising system called Student Success Plan, to support students in the MoSTEMWINs Grant programs. Student Success Plan is an open source, customizable software package developed by Sinclair Community College. Jefferson’s custom installation has been branded Personal Resource and Education Plan or PREP. PREP provides students with a personalized map to their academic and career success.  At this time, this service is available to students studying ... Read more

Missouri’s community colleges lead the nation in an initiative to improve access to free and open curriculum resources for higher education

Missouri’s community colleges lead the nation in an initiative to improve access to free and open curriculum resources for higher education Of the 5,000 materials available on, a federally sponsored repository of free educational materials, resources from Missouri’s MoHealthWINs program have received the highest number of downloads to date. MoHealthWINs was a series of grant-funded programs that helped more than 4,100 Missourians train for jobs in the health care industry. Each of Missouri’s 12 community colleges and the state’s technical college participated ... Read more

MoSTEMWINs helps husband and wife team find new career path

MoSTEMWINs helps husband and wife team find new career path When Chris Foshe was laid off from his job at a stainless steel manufacturer in Springfield, Missouri, he and his wife Jenny decided to explore a new career path together. Chris had worked in the stainless steel industry for 20 years, and had been with his previous employer for nearly 8 years. Both he and his wife held bachelor’s degrees, but Jenny was only making $12 per hour in the billing office where ... Read more

ETPS makes a few changes ahead of implementation

As the Missouri Eligible Training Provider System (ETPS) readies for full implementation, a few changes are taking place now to move the program forward. The first is the hire of Tracy Otto at the Division of Workforce Development. One of Tracy’s primary responsibilities will be managing a public relations and training campaign for the ETPS program. The Division of Workforce Development has already hosted a handful of webinars on the system, and plans to continue doing so in the future. They’re also ... Read more

Non-credit Longitudinal Data Project Update

Despite inclement weather in some parts of the state, a large portion of the Data Advisory Task Force met earlier this month to discuss what will be collected in the new noncredit reporting system and to outline next steps for implementation. The group had a very robust discussion about the supplemental data file, which outlines the information that will be collected in the new system. The changes that have been made are included below, along with a link to materials from the ... Read more

Jefferson College puts high tech tools to work in the classroom

At last month's Grant Leads meeting, the group got to experience first-hand some of the high tech tools being used as part of the MoSTEMWINs Health Professions Tutoring & Resource Lab program at the college. The crown jewel of the high tech equipment is the Anatomage table, a human-sized touchscreen that stands at hip level and can be used in lieu of a cadaver to teach both human and animal anatomy. Using the new piece of equipment students can view 3D images ... Read more

Ozarks Technical Community College’s MoMan Machine Tool Technology program provides fast track to employment

Matthew Scott (right), Program Advisor and Recruiter/Retention Specialist for Ozarks Technical Community College reported the following about a recent graduate of OTC’s Machine Tool program: He had been incarcerated three years prior, and faced discrimination after being released, by employers who told him that they would like to hire him but could not because of company and insurance policies.  He worked several part-time and seasonal jobs, frustrated that he was unable to secure a full-time job. He then found out about OTC’s MoManufacturingWINs 17-week certification program for Machine Tool Technology.  He was ... Read more

Scorecard Project Update – January

Scorecard Project Update - January With our next Data Advisory Task Force meeting tentatively scheduled for mid February, a lot is going on behind the scenes to advance the scorecard project. We're currently working with the vendor that conducted the business analysis for the project, and we hope to finalize a bid for the scorecard project in mid-February. We're also actively working to get a bid out on the Workforce Information Database, to secure a vendor that can update the database to be compatible with ... Read more
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