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Bonding for capital projects gets Senate approval

The Senate perfected SB 723, filed by Senator Mike Parson, on Thursday. The bill raises the cap on the dollar amount of bonds the state may issue and provides that the additional funds this would generate will be used for the renovation or repair of existing buildings or facilities. The bill itself does not list the projects that would be completed. Senator Parson plans to introduce a concurrent resolution that would list the specific projects. Much of the substantive discussion about the ... Read more

$10 Million Reasons to Smile

The House Budget Committee has recommended a $10 million equity increase for community colleges, as well as a 3% increase for all public colleges and universities.  Both would be core increases, with the 3% to be appropriated based on the performance funding model. The community college equity increase was included in House Budget Chair Rick Stream’s version of the budget, and no amendments were introduced to reduce the amount when the committee went through the “mark-up” process this week. In addition, the committee ... Read more

2012 Convention Award Winner Press Releases

Award of Distinction Ruth Lewis Emerson Administrative/Professional Leadership Award Steve Maxey Distinguished Alumni Award Tina Montgomery LCDR Tina Cox David Freese Distinguished Business/Industry Award The Donaldson Company Denny Koonce Cerner Corporation Distinguished Legislator Award Rep. Mike Lair Rep. John Rizzo Rep. Rick Stream Sen, Kiki Curls Sen. Brad Lager Classified Staff Achievement Award Debbie Shaffer Global Educator Award Dr. Cindy Epperson Mel Aytes Faculty Innovation Award Lisa Adams MoHealthWINs Partnership Award Metropolitan Community College and Full Employment Council News Media Award Kate Uptergrove Tony Wrisinger Senior Service Award D’Ann Dennis Cookie Hayes Matt McCready Anne Mahoney Karen McKenzie Diana Grahn Jeff Allen Lisa Minis Diana Stuart Valerie Darst Vicki Weaver Michael Pulley Heather McDorman Eileen Phillips Philishea Ingram Linda Nissenbaum Marilyn Taras Steven Scheiner Kathy Richardson Student Leadership Award Diana Oplachkova Laura Riegel Maria ... Read more
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